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I Have $1,000 to Invest Into Medium Risk Portfolios

If I have $1,000 to invest in medium risk portfolios, where do I put my money?

Before that question can be answered effectively, we first need to conceptualize exactly what constitutes medium risk investments, which essentially make up medium risk investment portfolios.

Medium risk investments are those that are neither to low risk nor are they too high risk. In other words, these investments aren’t too slow in their capital gains and profit yield and they aren’t the very safest of the investments you can make. They’re also not too quick in their profits yields or too risky — these types of investments are in between low risk/high risk investments.

So, these investments are for those who neither want to play it too safe, nor take too many risks — medium risk investments can be said to be the best types of investments to get into, but there are a couple of ideals that constitute the best way to go about it.

Ideally, an investment portfolio should consist out of investments which fall into each of the three investment categories, with low risk getting the greater allocation and high risk the least allocation.

We will assume your $1,000 to invest is the portion that you set aside for medium investments, as opposed to it being your entire nest of eggs to invest.

So, what exactly constitutes a medium risk investment?

We shall explore the answer to that question with a few examples.

Firstly, what time frame are we talking about when we refer to medium risk investments? Probably somewhere in the region of at least a month, which means medium risk investments are those which you can draw monthly earnings from, ideally an amount which is enough to sustain your living expenses.

So, a good yield from medium risk investments would be more than your initial value of $1,000 to start off with. This leaves us with a quandary because if you are to extract monthly yields from a base value of $1,000, you would at least have to triple that amount.

The quandary comes in the form of the fact that if you are to triple an amount of $1,000, you would have to be involved in a high risk.

There is a way around this quandary though and it involves the simple act of going digital and getting into the business of marketing.

You don’t have to become a marketing exec — just find a solid product, which already exists, to invest in, by way of marketing for the sole purpose of turning over some profits.

Unlike many other endeavors, affiliate marketing can show exponential growth, simply because there are an infinite number of products to invest in and you can take your pick from PPC (Pay-Per-Click), email marketing or making use of safe lists, amongst a lot of other options.

Some marketing campaigns will be better than others but you just have to find the right market to tap into and make your campaigns as targeted as possible. That way, you can even quadruple your initial investment each month and enjoy the fruits of your high risk turned to a medium risk.