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Why FEAR of Making an Offer to Your Ideal Client Is Costing You the Lifestyle of Your Dreams

As a coach I often have these conversations from really heart-centered, soul-driven coaches, healers, creatives or small business owners who tell me that they are not making enough money in their business.

In the conversation it gets clear very soon that they are not making enough offers, not enough SALES and therefore NOT enough MONEY.


SALES seems to be a very difficult topic for people especially emotionally.

You can have a blueprint of how to do it right BUT you might still feel bad or wrong about it.

What you need to understand is that you need to shift your mindset regarding sales. Changing your mindset will lead to different emotions and these to different motions/actions and these to different results in your business and in your life.

So we need to talk SALES TODAY!

This conversation will change your life. I know that, because it has changed mine and I give you one simple thing today to consider to change your point of view.

You might not be aware, but you are selling yourself every day and multiple times, well actually ALL the time!

Just imaging the simple fact like going to the movies.

I assume if you read this that you have been to the movies in your life, at least once but probably several times.

Do you remember the last time you went?

How did it go?

Did you go by yourself or were you with a friend, your family, co-workers… ?

And how did you choose the film?

Would you think right NOW that we are already talking SALES?

No? Yes?

Well, if you choose the film, you had to convince the other party to also wanting to see it. Sometimes this is an easy task and sometimes you have to actually pitch the other person of how great the actors are and how awesome the story is and so on. If you know the person you are going with you will automatically pick up the things he or she might like about the movie. Maybe her favorite actor is in it or the story is beautiful or it’s a funny movie… Whatever it is you will try to make it “yummy” for them. If they are joining you and you go watch “your” movie, you have SOLD something.

WOW! BUT you might say: There was no money involved.

Well, true still it is a SALE.

See it like this:

Each and every interaction is a SALE.

You might be selling an idea and want others to join you, you might be asking for a favor and want someone to do something for you, you might actually offer a product or a service. Even in a relationship you “sell” yourself.

YOU have dressed up for your first date or at least have put more effort into getting ready to go out, right?

So we are all fine with this, correct?!

We do not see anything wrong with showing up as our best self or go to the movie we want to go to.

So what I would love for you to take away from all of this is that:

Each and every interaction is a sale. It is either you selling or the other person.

People always buy because of the person who made the offer. Be your true self! Show who you are at your core. Stay heart-centered and soul-driven and aligned with your core values. Only work with people you love and forget how you think you NEED to show up in a certain way.

The moment I was able to let go of the story how I was supposed to show, like I have to be… I need to do… This has to be done like this…

The moment I was able to let go of all this and I could relax and I could actually start to speak to another HUMAN BEING, I made more SALES, I became so much more successful and it was so much EASIER. I felt so much better, aligned and in flow. The moment I understood that they all book because of ME and only secondary because of WHAT I offered. That was a HUGE AHA, a turning point in my career.

The moment I accepted that if someone doesn’t like me is fine and he or she can buy somewhere else.

NOW, that does not mean you stop selling right away. Of course you keep being focused and aligned, maybe the other person just has a bad day, but you can let go of the pressure.

You can just be you and have a great conversation. Enjoy the moment with the other person knowing that you do have an amazing offer and that you really can help and support them.

So make peace with the word SALES!

Relax and go for what you want. There is nothing to be scared about.

As soon as you feel great things will happen.

Stop JUST Dreaming. Act NOW!